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Absorbent Socks, Booms & Pillows

Socks Booms & Pillows

New Pig offers the most comprehensive range of Absorbent Socks, Booms and Pillows available in Universal, Oil-Only, and HazMat varieties. Choose from products constructed with a unique combination of top-quality materials for the highest levels of performance and durability. Or choose the PIG Essentials variety - the reliable, cost-effective way to efficiently soak up and dispose of spills fast. Socks absorb, control, and contain liquids by surrounding spills to prevent spreading. Booms float to confine and soak up spills on water or hug the ground for land-based spills without ever taking on a drop of water. Pillows have a large surface area with high capacity and fast-wicking filler to quickly soak up larger volumes of liquid.