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PIG® Collapse-a-tainer Containment System

  • No assembly required; collapsible sidewalls with counterbalanced outside locking supports stay rigid and upright — even in the wind — yet fold so you can drive your truck or forklift right in or out
  • Easily folds to a neat, compact size for easy transportation and storage; convenient one-piece construction so no parts to lose
  • Includes a drain plug kit for easy installation
  • Available accessories include Heavy-Duty Track Belting for heavy protection against lorry tyres (sold in 30cm increments), and Ground Tarpaulin that provides a thick protective underlayer for unpaved surfaces.
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
PAK791 PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Spill Containment Berm 122 cm W x 183 cm L x 30 cm H 678 L Capacity 1 Each
PAK792 PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Spill Containment Berm 183 cm W x 244 cm L x 30 cm H 1359 L Capacity 1 Each
PAK793 PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Spill Containment Berm 305 cm W x 305 cm L x 30 cm H 2831 L Capacity 1 Each
PAK594 PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Ground Tarp 3,4m W x 3,4m L Black 1 Each
PAK129 PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Ground Tarp New 4,26 m W x 8,53 m L Black 1 Each
PAK595 PIG® Collapse-A-Tainer® Containment System Track Belting 91 cm W x 30 cm L x 1,65 mm Grey 1 Each

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