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World’s best stuff for leaks, drips and spills.®

PIG® Utility Trays

  • Thick-wall, chemical-resistant polyethylene construction won't bend or warp
  • Ribs on bottom of tray add strength and elevate parts to keep them away from trapped liquids
  • Ideal for temporary storage of small containers that may leak or drip liquids onto the floor
  • Stackable trays store easily when not in use
  • PAK123 contains 55% post-industrial recycled polyethylene.
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
PAK124 PIG® Utility Tray 64cm W x 125cm L x 5cm H 34 L Sump Capacity 1 each
PAK918 PIG® Utility Tray 41 cm x 133 cm x 13 cm 45 L Capacity 1 Tray
PAK920 PIG® Utility Tray 86 cm x 132 cm x 13 cm 114 L Capacity 1 Tray
PAK921 PIG® Utility Tray 72 cm x 102 cm x 13 cm 68 L Capacity 1 Tray
PAK922 PIG® Utility Tray 102 cm x 102 cm x 13 cm 102 L Capacity 1 Tray
PAK112 PIG® Pallet Containment Tray 111cm W x 131cm L x 10cm H 109 L Sump Capacity 1 each
PAK123 PIG® Utility Tray with Grate 64cm W x 125cm L x 8cm H Black 1 each

Chemical Compatibility Guide