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PIG Conical Drain Plugs

  • Reusable Drain Plug seals drains below the grate
  • Flexible, chemical-resistant polyurethane Plug forms a tight seal in conical drains ranging from 5cm to 15.2cm in diameter
  • Removable Plug allows your drain to function normally when Plug is not in place
  • The smart alternative to permanently sealing your drains; plug fits under drain cover, so grate can be put back in place and vehicles can drive over your drain
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
PLR210 PIG® Conical Drain Plug 14,6 cm H, Dia top = 115 mm, center = 100 mm, bottom = 88 mm Yellow 1 each
PLR252 PIG® Conical Drain Plug 14 cm H, Dia top = 184 mm, center = 152 mm, bottom = 140 mm Yellow 1 each
PLR208 PIG® Conical Drain Plug 12 cm H, Dia top = 62 mm, center = 50 mm, bottom = 37 mm Yellow 1 each
PLR209 PIG® Conical Drain Plug 12 cm H, Dia top = 88 mm, center = 76 mm, bottom = 62 mm Yellow 1 each

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