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PIG Burpless Drum Funnels

  • "Patented Burpless® internal vent tubes prevent pressure buildup and “burping” back"
  • Latch can be padlocked (lock not included) to prevent unauthorised access
  • Designed for use with non-hazardous liquids: coolants, non-flammable oils and water-based liquids
  • Multiple colours are available, so you can colour code your drums - specify colour when ordering
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
DRM617 PIG® Drum Funnel Flame Arrestor ext. dia. 4.6cm x 15cm L Brass 1 each
DRM138 PIG® Burpless® Poly Drum Funnel ext. dia. 56cm x 29cm H Black, Red or Yellow 1 each
DRM1125 PIG® Burpless® One-Hand Sealable Drum Funnel 29cm W x 38cm L x 33cm H Black, Red or Yellow 1 each
DRM1127 PIG® Burpless® One-Hand-Sealable Steel Drum Funnel with Overfill Preventer 29cm W x 38cm L x 38cm H Black, Red or Yellow 1 each

Product Data Sheet

Chemical Compatibility Guide