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World’s best stuff for leaks, drips and spills.®

PIG® Super Water-Absorbing Sock

  • Super absorbent sock absorbs and retains large volumes of water-based leaks and spills quickly
  • Pulls in large volumes of water on contact to confine/contain pools and puddles and prevent damage and slip and fall injuries; fast-wicking sock saves time on cleanup
  • Super absorbent polymer (SAP) filler and spunbound sock skin lock water and waterbased liquids inside without leakage
  • Sock retains 6.6 litres of liquid and absorbs 15 times its weight so it can act as a weighted berm when saturated
  • Great for indoor applications where water needs to be quickly absorbed or diverted; soaks up water from windows, cracked foundations and seepage under doors
  • Great for surrounding machines during system breakdowns; use around pipes, broken hoses, leaking hot water tanks or malfunctioning equipment
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
WTR018 PIG® Super Water-Absorbing Sock 8 cm x 122 cm Absorbs 265 L/Box 40 socks/box
WTR020 PIG® Super Water-Absorbing Sock 8 cm x 122 cm Absorbs 132.5 L/Box 20 socks/box

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