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PIG® Poly Drum Funnel with Pump Adapter

  • Covers entire drum top to minimise drips and spills; cut-out on one side allows access to 3/4" bung for use of pop-up liquid-level gauge to prevent overfilling
  • Fits 210 litre closed-head and 115 litre closed-head or open-head steel drums
  • Thick, double-wall polyethylene construction resists UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals
  • Level inside surface allows easy draining of containers, parts or filters
  • Attached to 5cm bungs and pump tubes up to 4.13cm diameter
Item Number Product Name Dimensions Details Unit
DRM455 PIG® Poly Drum Funnel with Pump Adapter 14 cm x 60 cm Dia. Black 1 Funnel with Adapter

Product Data Sheet

Chemical Compatibility Guide