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World’s best stuff for leaks, drips and spills.®

SW Range

SW products are cost-effective and easy to use for everyday applications. With SW products, you get reliable, economical solutions to efficiently absorb, control and contain liquids. Our expanded range now includes absorbents, spill control and containment products.


Soak up leaks and spills quickly and affordably.

  • All SW absorbents are available in Universal, Oil-Only and Chemical versions for every application.
  • Choose from absorbent mats & rolls (FineFibre, SonicBonded and MeltBlown versions), and socks, booms & pillows that absorb and confine spills on land or water.

Spill Control

Respond fast to spreading spills.

  • SW Spill Kits are available for absorbing spills from 13 L – 1096 L.
  • Select from universal, oil-only and chemical versions packaged in a variety of containers.
  • Choose SW Drain covers to keep spilled liquids out of water supplies.


Safely store hazardous liquids.

  • SW Poly and IBC containment Pallets support fully loaded poly and steel drums or IBC’s.
  • SW Hardtop and covered pallets are weather-resistant and safely secure drums indoors or out.
  • SW Spill Trays are ideal for storing several small to medium containers of liquid.