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World’s best stuff for leaks, drips and spills.®

PIG® Range

PIG® Products are available through SpillWarehouse where our Distributor Partners can select from the largest range of spill solution products worldwide. Our commitment to innovation and consistent high quality means that PIG® Branded products will help your customers do every job better, every day. 


Worlds largest selection of quality absorbents

  • Available in Universal, Oil-Only and Haz-mat versions for every application
  • Select from quality PIG® Mat pads & Rolls, Socks, Booms, Pillows and Loose Absorbents
  • From a small drip to a big spill, there’s a PIG® absorbent to catch it, control it and clean it up

Spill Control

Award-winning spill control solutions

Spill Control
  • PIG® Spill Kits are available from 7L-287L for rapid response
  • Select from patented drain covers and spill blockers for spill response and maintenance
  • Choose leak diverters for overhead roof & pipe drips


PIG tested, workplace-proven Containment products

  • PIG® Spill Pallets store and secure liquids, holding up to 4 drums 
  • PIG® Roll Top Hardcovers available in 1-, 2- or 4-drum models for indoor or outdoor use
  • Variety of Funnels, Overpacks , Trays, Pans and Basins for handling and transporting liquids